Display Advertising

We have comprehensive advertising solutions that are just right for your marketing objectives.

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970x250 Billboard

Maximize visibility with the biggest ad position available on our website,
strategically positioned at the top of the page.


728x90 Leaderboard

Double your brand’s awareness with ads at the top and footer of our web page.


Native Ad Desktop

Native ads blend in with listings on Kaidee and effectively attract visitors on our site to your brand site.


300x600 Half Page

Draw attention from Kaidee visitors with the largest ad position available on our sidebar

* Only available in the RodKaidee category


160x600 Wide Skyscraper

Our cost-effective sidebar ad gets you seen by countless visitors as they browse through products.

* Only available in the RodKaidee category


Mobile Leaderboard 320x50

Top-of-the-page ad position available on our mobile website.


Mobile Billboard 320x100

Our mobile website ad position ensures visitors will never miss your special offers.


Mobile Leaderboard 300x250

One of our most popular ad placements on mobile which has high visibility and high click-through rate.


Mobile Native Ad

Engage visitors on Kaidee’s mobile platform with native ads that are almost identical to listings on Kaidee. This ad format is excellent at driving the customers to your website.