Success Stories

Krungsri Auto


Krungsri Auto gets a 100% lift from Kaidee

Krungsri Auto developed an API integrated loan calculator on RodKaidee, a dedicated marketplace for cars of Kaidee, to help potential private used car buyers plan for loans and to convince them to make a purchase. After implementing the loan calculator on the platform, Krungsri Auto was able to increase the exposure of Krungsri Rod Baan and has helped Krungsri Auto double the number of private used car loan applications via digital channel.

Everyday +1000 customers

use the Loan Calculators on RodKaidee

+100% increase

in amount of Loan Applications from Digital Channel

Their Objective

Increase car purchase intentions and loans

Increase car purchase intentions and the number of people who requested for private used car loans via digital channel.


Our Solution

Integrating with the RodKaidee platform

As a leader of auto loans market and a pioneer in offering auto loan solutions through digital channels, Krungsri Auto has initiated the idea of offering Auto Loans on a marketplace platform by using application programming interface (API) technology to connect Krungsri Auto’s system with Kaidee’s, creating customized loan calculators for each car posted on RodKaidee.

The API integrated calculator allows customers to input their preferred down payment, which will then display the starting installment with a comparison graph in real time. In other words, this platform makes it easy for potential car buyers to request loans and plan their payments accordingly.


"Kaidee has the best private used cars buying intent audience in Thailand and it’s not surprising that we received such an excellent result."

Namtip Prasitsakulchai

Senior Vice President Branding & Digital Marketing of Krungsri Auto